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After the invasion of Alexander in 327 B.C., there was a period of confusion and anarchy in ancient India. The country was consists of numerous self serving Kings. People were loosing nationalistic pride and forgetting proud history of their ancestors. Country needed a leader of exceptional ability and vision. A person capable of bringing back enthusiasm and new life to the people. A person to lead them to resist the cultural invasion by the Greeks. At this time of need, a man came forward. He was fearless, compassionate to the poor and evil to the deceit. He never forget his purpose, live a simple life, uninterested in high position, and accomplished his purpose. He was Chanakya.

Chanakya lived during the period 350-275 B.C. He was the mastermind behind the creation of Maurya Empire. He is also known as Kautilya. His given name was Vishnugupta. He wrote Arthasasthra, a book about statecraft and economic policy and Nithisastra, a book about ideal way of living for every individual of the society.

Chankya is often compared to Machiavelli and Aristotle. He has been criticized for his ruthlessness and trickery. Also praised for his profound political wisdom. His fearless pursuit to bring back the glory of India 2000 years ago and accomplishing his purpose proves that he is right.

He dreamed of a nation:
* With strong economy which is not depended on foreign trade
* With egalitarian society where there are equal opportunity for all
* Take care of agriculture all the times
* Built forts and cities. Protect from invasions and provide internal security.
* Keeps the taxes minimum
* With People who think material pleasure and achievements are always secondary to the spiritual development of the society and country at large.

Present day India consists of regional groups with narrow interests. Politicians are acting like Kings and serving self interests. Bharat looking for a 'Chanakya' to liberate its people from this confusion and frustration. WHERE ARE YOU CHANAKYA?