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Election Talks

The Election Commission of India announced the general election to the 15 th Lok Sabha on March 2, 2009. The elections will be held in 5 phases starting on April 26, 2009 and ending on May 13, 2009. The results of the election will be announced on May 16, 2009. Two phases are over by now. In democracy the election is opportunity to discuss about the future of the country. The state of economy, the current policies, the achievements and failures of the current government etc. should be part of that discussion. Unfortunately our politicians and main stream media seems not interested. Major parties published election manifestos as usual. It talk about subsidies, pensions and free stuff. Also some useless claims of secularism, stability and security. But all of them failed to provide a plan for the future of our country in this fast moving interconnected world. The major discussion points of our politicians are still around secularism. All of them favouring religious and communal elemen